Denali saw the world through a unique lens—he climbed great monoliths in Yosemite, summited the highest peaks in North America and took ski jumps that few could follow. He would then return from an adventure to sit amongst his peers to debate the ethical complications of globalization, the aesthetics of contemporary art and the physics that put the stars in our sky. He would spend hours in the studio painting and playing with materials, creating work informed by both these opposing viewpoints. At first, he struggled with the division that existed culturally between the outdoors and the art world, but soon came to recognize his exclusive vantage point as a member of both. The mountains he climbed shook his soul and provided him with life and death insights that he was able to express solely through his art practice. Denali deeply understood the beauty of our planet and the pure life force that comes from adventuring—the work he leaves behind is a gift for all of us to help recognize the world’s splendor through his brilliant blue eyes.

-Larisa Minerva (Denali's Girlfriend)Type your paragraph here.

​The Artist  

The Story

On July 27th 2013, world renowned mountaineer Marty Schmidt along with his 25 year old son, Denali, were killed in an avalanche on one of the worlds most deadly mountain K2. Following the death of Denali Schmidt, some of his most inspired art works (painting, photography and installation) were accumulated and stored in  Oakland, CA.