Your Support 

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of "Peak Inspirations" you may do so through making a direct donation to the Denali Foundation, purchasing Peak Inspiration memorabilia and/or contacting local museums in an effort to bring  the "Peak Inspirations" exhibit to your location. Your support for "Peak Inspirations" would be greatly appreciated.

Peak Inspirations

The Peak Inspirations Exhibit will meld the two worlds of art and adventure - featuring the final artworks of Denali Schmidt.

The Exhibit

The "Peak Inspirations" exhibit consists of many of the mountaineering and adventure related artworks created by Denali Schmidt. The exhibit features a unique journey for the observer to be part of the world Denali expressed through these forms: oil on canvas paintings, installations, photography, videography and audio excerpts from Denalis writing in Pakistan. The "Peak Inspirations" exhibit will be available to museums and galleries around the world.